Spring Tractor Auctions Coming Your Way!
Cindy Ladage


Spring tractor auctions are the best! You might be wondering where your regular auction reporter, Chad Elmore, is. We should probably introduce ourselves. We are Cindy and Keith Ladage. We collect antique tractors, toys, literature, and memorabilia. Keith does the hunting, and I write about our finds and those of other collectors along the way. I love to travel the countryside and see different antiques and how they vary. We have known Chad for years and have worked with him … Read the rest of the story…

1960 Ford 2000– January/February 2016 Cover Story
Patrick Ertel


In 1960, Ford changed its 1811 and 1821 model names to 2030 and 4030, though for branding it put “2000” and “4000” on the hoods. The 2030 was powered by either a 134ci gasoline/LP or a 144ci diesel engine. With this new series, Ford departed from its practice of using the same paint scheme on its light industrial tractors as it used on its agricultural tractors. I enjoyed working with photographer Bill Struth as he shot Bernie Scott’s beautifully restored … Read the rest of the story…

Refreshments Served
Chad Elmore


International Harvester’s third generation of Farmalls sold in record numbers. The Farmall line was famous for its ability to handle a wide range of jobs around the farm. The company also offered a hi-clear version of the 400, with 36 inches of clearance under the rear axle for tall crops. … Read the rest of the story…

New Family Heirlooms
Chad Elmore


There are many different methods for finding the antique farm machinery on your list these days (or new family heirlooms), what with the Internet and all, but I still seem to have the best luck and the most fun scanning classified ads in magazines such as Antique Power, attending auctions, or walking the rows at swap meets. Out of those options, when it comes to finding the obscure implements and tractors I’ve been drawn to most of my life, I’ve … Read the rest of the story…

Cliff’s Big Mo
Patrick Ertel

AP 28-1 #06 01

Cliff Ingold collects old and unusual things. When he heard that one of the older farmers in the area was thinking of selling his tractor, he went to take a look. The tractor turned out to be not really so old, but it was unusual- a Minneapolis-Moline Big Mo 400 Military Tractor with United States Army Corps of engineers brass plate showing a build date of September 1959. If not for the information on this plate this rare military version … Read the rest of the story…

Controlled Power
Al Rogers

AP 28-2 #03 04

The Post-World War II farming boom created a demand for affordable tractors. Although it trailed industry sales leaders International Harvester and John Deere, Canadian manufacturer Massey-Harris moved ahead of Oliver, Cockshutt, Case, and Minneapolis-Moline during the postwar period due to the strength of its international Operations. … Read the rest of the story…