Mystery Tractor Photo No. 1


An Antique Power magazine reader sent us this vintage photograph, asking if we could glean any information from it. There are clues aplenty for the right Internet detective to follow, so what about it, tractor enthusiasts? What can you tell us about the approximate time and place of this image? Do you recognize any of the people lounging around this Deutz tractor? … Read the rest of the story…

John Deere 420 LP Hi-Trac
Brad Bowling


Have you ever seen a 1958 John Deere 420 LP Hi-Trac? Look closely in the November/December 2014 issue of Antique Power magazine at the machine Hyler Bracey restored, because you won’t see another! Bracey stumbled upon this remarkable rarity in the classified ads, where it was simply listed as a 420 LP row crop. While restoring the eye-catching flame cultivator, he contacted the rig’s builder, who shared with him the tractor’s amazing history. I really enjoyed meeting Hyler, photographing his … Read the rest of the story…

Hart-Parr 30-60 – November/December 2014 Cover Story
Patrick Ertel


This 1914 Hart-Parr 30-60 is our “Century Tractor” for 2014. George Schaaf bought it at an auction in 2009 and spent considerable time restoring it. I photographed it for the cover of the November/December 2014 issue of Antique Power magazine. It represents the end of the big plowing engine market and the end of an era in mechanized farming. Be sure to read the full story and see all of the photos in the print version of the magazine. Click … Read the rest of the story…

Massey-Harris 22
Ray Hoffman


The 1950 Massey-Harris 22 featured in the November/December 2014 issue of Antique Power is the first tractor Wayne Saak ever drove, and it was his father’s second tractor.  Since his uncle’s dealership sold Massey-Harris and Massey-Ferguson products, the Saak family focused on those two brands. I interviewed Saak and photographed the M-H for a 3-page story. You can click here to order the issue through our online store. … Read the rest of the story…

Winter Project Waiting at Auction
Chad Elmore


There is still time for a winter project. For most of us in the upper Midwest, the outdoor antique tractor show season has come to a close, and harvest is nearly complete. November is the perfect time to line up a few winter projects—if you haven’t already—and auctions are a great place to find old machines and parts. There are several auctions coming up this month that have some interesting iron for sale. Mecum Auctions—Davenport, Iowa On November 7 to … Read the rest of the story…

Huber Light Four
Patrick Ertel


I interviewed Jim Hulse of Orange, Ontario, about his Huber Light Four tractor for the September/October 2014 issue of Antique Power. The Light Four name referred to the tractor’s powerplant, which was a 4-cylinder L-head Waukesha engine. Huber advertised that its Light Four model could till an acre of land per hour at a plowing speed of 2.43 miles per hour. Jim showed me his photo album that includes a picture of the tractor as it looked nearly half a … Read the rest of the story…

1972 Allis-Chalmers 616
Ray Hoffman


The 1972 Allis-Chalmers 616 featured in the September/October 2014 issue of Antique Power is owned by Sam Bull, of Lamar, Missouri. I enjoyed photographing it and interviewing Bull for the article. The 616 is a one-year-only model, a status that makes it very attractive among collectors of A-C products. … Read the rest of the story…