Flour City – July/August 2015 Cover Story
Patrick Ertel

AP 27-5 Cover 300

The Flour City on the July/August 2015 issue of Antique Power magazine may well be the oldest production tractor in America. As such, it is a fascinating machine, whose history is shrouded in mystery. Its creator, Owen Brooke Kinnard, was apparently too busy inventing new machinery to keep records. I enjoyed photographing and researching it for this cover story, as well as visiting with its restorers. What else is in this issue? Features What Did the Ruthardt Brothers Do Now?  … Read the rest of the story…

This Summer’s Heating Up with Steam, Gasoline, and Diesel
Chad Elmore


This summer’s auction scene is heating up with a combination of steam, gasoline, and diesel engine power! Fraser Auction Service—Cardale, Manitoba, Canada The Radcliffe family will be selling its collection of antique farm equipment at auction on Saturday, July 11, with the help of Fraser Auction Service. The auction will be presented both live and online (www.fraseronlineauctions.com). At the top of the list is a 1922 Rumely OilPull Model H 16-30 tractor on steel wheels with cleats on the rear. … Read the rest of the story…

Seven Great Reasons to Attend a Tractor Show this Summer
Candace Brown

The Newbie

We can list at least seven great reasons to attend a tractor show this summer! For readers of Antique Power magazine and all who love antique tractors, summer means more than baseball, barbecues, and beaches; it means tractor shows! These fun events, suitable for the whole family, take place all over the country and provide an opportunity for newbies to see a large quantity and variety of antique tractors in one place. You might even find the tractor of your … Read the rest of the story…

Making Hay While the Sun Shines
Brent Frankenhoff

Tales from the Back 40

When I was growing up, we harvested our first crop of hay in early June, as the alfalfa plants were budding. These days, farmers seem to be cutting and baling their first crops earlier and earlier each year. Much like Christmas, I could hardly wait for haying season to begin, since there were jobs for me to do, even when I was a kid. My earliest memories include walking between the windrows on an acre of ground we owned that … Read the rest of the story…

Styled vs. Unstyled Tractors
Candace Brown

The Newbie

Have you ever thought about the difference between “styled” and “unstyled” tractors? One day, back when I was still among the newest of newbies in the world of antique tractors, I heard a collector refer to one of his prized models as being “styled.” I had no idea what he meant. My wide-eyed stare gave me away and inspired his patient explanation. Since then, I’ve realized that many people are puzzled about the terms “unstyled” and “styled” when it comes … Read the rest of the story…

Allis-Chalmers Collectors Take Note!
Chad Elmore


Our regular readers who are Allis-Chalmers collectors should be excited about the auction offerings coming up next month. Kramer Auctions Ltd.–Tofield, Alberta, Canada Allis-Chalmers fans with valid passports in hand would do well to hook up a trailer and head north to Tofield, Alberta, Canada—a town in the central part of the province just east of Edmonton. It’s there that Kramer Auctions is selling Rick Norton’s nice-looking collection on June 1. The auction starts with tools and parts at 10 … Read the rest of the story…

Little Cat
Brad Bowling

AP 27-4 PP 11 700

Ryan Mueller told us he decided to build the Little Cat because, “I knew I wanted to do something special my kids would always remember.” This feature in the May/June 2015 issue of Antique Power magazine is one of the coolest stories we have ever run in our “Kids, Dads & Tractors” department. Starting with nothing but raw materials and some spare parts, Mueller created a mini-dozer for sons Tyler and Owen. It runs on an 18hp Briggs & Stratton single-cylinder … Read the rest of the story…