Gasoline Engines Galore
Chad Elmore


The vintage tractor auction scene offers gasoline engines galore for March and April. Long before the rural electrification programs of the 1930s began to stretch power lines throughout the countryside, farms depended on stationary gasoline- and kerosene-fueled engines to drive menial, repetitive tasks such as pumping water, running a cream separator and even a washing machine. Hundreds of companies, ranging from foundries to machine shops to established implement manufacturers, built stationary engines. Auctions scheduled for March and April will give … Read the rest of the story…

The Lone Little Oak – March/April 2015 Cover Story
Patrick Ertel


The Little Oak tractor that graces the cover of the March/April 2015 issue of Antique Power magazine is the only known survivor of a Minnesota-based manufacturer that disappeared many decades ago. It was advertised as a “one-man” tractor at a time when most plow rigs required a crew of men. I enjoyed getting to view the “pride of Willmar” in person during the magazine’s photo shoot. It is quite a piece of history. What else is in this issue? Features German … Read the rest of the story…

Porsche-Diesel Master
Candace Brown


The tale of this handsome 1959 Porsche-Diesel Master N408 tractor reads like a riveting work of historic fiction. Conceived in wartime, produced by a recovering nation at peace, it crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the continent of North America and was abandoned in a watery grave before its dramatic rescue by an obsessed admirer who was always working one step ahead of the law. That’s right, the details of its “rescue” can only be revealed now that certain statutes of … Read the rest of the story…

Brent Frankenhoff

Tales from the Back 40

As most of the country this January weathered temperatures that were colder than normal, my thoughts turned to what we used to do on the farm in cold weather. Obviously, no one stayed outside any longer than necessary, and the body heat from the cows in the barn kept things reasonably warm there all winter. We did have to cover spots where the wind tried to get through and, when it got really cold, we piled bales of hay or … Read the rest of the story…

Buying Your First Tractor
Candace Brown

The Newbie

Buying your first tractor should be a very enjoyable experience, but do your homework first. The month of February brings us Valentine’s Day, and readers of Antique Power magazine will agree that the love-struck experience of buying your first antique tractor remains carved into the memory like a heart on a tree trunk, or in some cases, just a nasty scar. To ensure that a newbie’s initiation into the hobby is more heartwarming than heartbreaking, I asked several knowledgeable collectors … Read the rest of the story…

International Harvester Car for Sale
Chad Elmore


You almost never see an International Harvester Car at an auction! The antique tractor hobby is full of surprises, and to me that’s one of its best aspects about it. A surprise might come about when stumbling across a fresh barn-find displayed at a thresheree for the first time or when a rare tractor appears out-of-the-blue in a small-town parade. Sometimes it’s just opening a copy of Antique Power on my walk from the mailbox to the house and finding … Read the rest of the story…

1947 Gibson Model A Garden Tractor
Candace Brown


Don and Shirley Miller’s 1947 Gibson Model A garden tractor continues the tradition started by Wilber Gibson of adding parts and functionality to his machines as needed. The Millers live not too far from the site of Gibson’s Seattle, Washington, shop. Had Don been born a few decades earlier, he probably would have been one of the curious men hanging around and offering advice about what to put on the prototype models. During its restoration, Don made a few modifications … Read the rest of the story…